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Page Publishing

Recent release “What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell: Words Not to Be Forgotten,” from Page Publishing author John Edwards, is a moving account of one man’s journey to cope with the cards that life has dealt him and navigate fatherhood in the wake of divorce.

AEGA Design Publishing

In the quiet suburban enclave of San Lorenzo, California, John Edwards embarked on a journey profoundly shaped by cultural, psychological, and sociological influences. From his early years in the Bay Area Community to his current residence in El Dorado Hills, California, his life has been a mosaic of experiences, choices, and aspirations. His captivating tale is perfectly encapsulated in his book, "What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell: Words Not to Be Forgotten." He is a man who has traversed the highs and lows of life's winding path.

Bookside Press

Venture on poignant chronicles of love, trauma, and self-transformation as John Edwards invites readers to flip through his eloquent reminiscence entitled “What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell: Words Not to Be Forgotten.” His candid recollections and wistful insights traverse the highs and lows of his personal odyssey, weaving a gripping memoir that reverberates a collective human experience.

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