A Memoir of Happiness, Sorrow, Pain, and Regret

A unique and beautifully written book that interweaves the theme of musical songs and lyrics as a timeline and vehicle of emotional expression that mere written words could not suffice.


What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell

It is a story of where John came from, what hopes and dreams he fought for, and what single dynamic is most important regarding the true meaning of life. It’s the story of his life. This book should be read as it is extraordinary and unforgettable. 

It will bring forth lessons and memories of your encounters that will forever be carved into your hearts.

About Me

Hi - I'm John

Before becoming a full-time writer, John had a long and distinguished Business Management career for two of the most preeminent organizations in their industry, United Parcel Service and Enterprise Holdings, Inc. In What a Tale My Thoughts Will Tell, Words Not to Be Forgotten, John explores how joyous and traumatic life transitions shape our choices and decisions, ultimately leading us on a path of understanding. A California Bay Area native, John Edwards lives in El Dorado Hills and works for another world-class organization, Safeway.

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